I’ll try this again. This is my new blog. My son thinks I live in a cave because I know so little about social media. I used to have a blog several years ago but had to quit because I had no time. I was too busy working to make money to put my son through college so he could learn how to play beer pong. Now that I am writing again I’ll try this blogging stuff again. I wonder what brain thrust came up with the word blog. It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. Weren’t there wild dogs out in the English country side howling from the blogs??? Or was that bogs? Yeah, that’s what it was.. anyway I will blog about my life and bogs I’ve got sucked into. I’ll share some of my published stuff and things I’m working on. When I was a young man I use to knock out drunks in bars for fun and to keep from going crazy. Now I’m an old guy and the only thing I’m punching is my keyboard. But I’ll blog about running on the wild side from the war to the massage parlors I use to work at – so stay tuned.