I’m Back

I am restarting my blog today with comments and essays and excerpts from my current and future books. I imagine I will also talk about war, political issues and anything else that comes to mind. For instance my adult daughter has been staying with us along with her 7 year old boy named  Alex. They are about to move into an apartment across town, which is good but makes me sad. I have enjoyed her stay and am crazy for Alex. I like taking him and picking him up from school and he reminds me of another day, when life was so simple. My older daughter Jenine was born when I was in Vietnam and is differently abled. She lives independently in a small apartment not far from where my wife Colleen and I live. My son Jake is a strong young man with a good job and lives with his girlfriend named Shelby. I mention all of this for reference when I write about them.

My wifes brother Mike and his girlfriend currently reside here and have been for a few weeks. Mike is a wildman, 72 years old and in better shape for his age than anyone I know. He is a homeless advocate that frequently lives under the Ross Island bridge. He loves it. Except when the cops are harassing him, which is common. He is a crazy genius, that once found a pot of gold, which is a story I will tell in time.

My final announcement is that the book I have been working on for many years will be published in June. The title is A Soldier’s Son. I will update on this as well.

My website is http://www.jackestes.com email jackestes@comcast.net

Semper Fi


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